Welcome to Kronbauer Guitars.

Our mission at Kronbauer Guitars is to provide musicians all over the world with an heirloom quality handcrafted instrument as their tool of inspiration and creativity, striving to make Kronbauer guitars the players instrument of choice.

Every Kronbauer guitar is made by hand from solid woods utilizing traditional craftsmanship. We strive to honor the woods used, consciously selecting and pairing specific woods for tonality and aesthetics, showcasing their natural attributes best. We believe this along with the hand building process is essential in creating a world class guitar and contributes to the tone and resonance of each guitar individually.

Our passion for music and the power of a song is the drive to continually produce guitars with clarity in sound, comfortable play ability, beautiful aesthetics, and original artistry.

We are very proud that Kronbauer guitars are widely reviewed as an excellent choice for playing on stage, in the studio, or strumming in your living room along with the durability to travel.